First Mod questions...

I have a YYJ Kickside that i am going to do a pretty big mod to and need a little help on getting started. What i want to do is remove the starburst and recess that side. Silicone both sides and reshape it for more of an H-shape. All I have is a drill and some simple tools. Here are some questions:

How do I remove the starburst?

What tool should I use to reshape?

How deep should the recess be?

Thanks in advance!

just satin the starburst until it is gone.
For the reshape… you cant do that kind of complicated reshape with drill. You need a lathe. You can do some simple reshape on drill but it will mostly come out with horrible vibe

I’ve said this in the past and now I must say it again.

If you don’t absolutely know if a certain mod will cause certain problems them don’t say they will. I know a few people that have done more than a simple H-shape mod on a drill and it was dead smooth.

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My bad, I was going to say that it is hard but not impossible but it came out wrong…

It’s really not even that hard. You just need a steady hand and the right tools.

Really? Maybe you can show us how to do it?

Sorry I have a lathe.

Sorry I made it sound like it was a piece of cake. What I meant was it’s not rocket science. It’s more like bicycle science. A steady hand and patience will make things work out just fine.

I did this one with a drill. The blue one.
It’s not a reshape but hand cutting for rings that are a certain size is a little harder. This means that an H shape won’t be harder than this. It even looks a little simple if you ask me. Then again I’ve been doing this a while.

what tool did you use to reshape and what kind of grip did you use to spin it on the drill?

I used a sharpened jewelers screwdriver. I attached it by the axle.

YES!! I finally get to say it.

Icthus, please try to refrain from double posting, there is a modify button on your first post.

HAHAHAHA icthus u know better jk jk. funny tho. i reshaped my freehand2 on a drill came out awesome