Modding a YYJ Kickside, questions.

I’ve got a couple Kicksides that I got for a decent price (24 bucks with shipping for both), I’ve got them for sale, but there hasn’t been many interested buyers, so I’m planning ahead to modify them if they don’t sell. First, from what I read they are quite responsive, so if I pop them out of the package I’m going to immediately want them less responsive. I’ve read the little I can find but need some clarification, specifically in how much to shave the I-rings and starburst.

If I mod them, I’m also thinking about either painting them or dyeing them. But that will come later.

Anyone have experience in shaving starburst/o-rings? Help would be appreciated.

Just use Onedrop flow groove pad and leave the starburst as it is.

I have modified a couple kick sides and I have cut a recess into the starburst side after smoothing it out. You can make it thinner and change the shape a bit also.

Practice makes perfect.

Cleaning the bearing will go a long way toards making them unresponsive.

How did you remove the starburst? Fine sandpaper?

I am thinking about cutting recesses, as I’ve got an extra pair of YYF white pads that I could put into it.

Hey, I want to buy one :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve got you covered. Might make the other my own though. I read about dyeing yoyos and think it would look cool with a marbled effect.

Sanded it off and used a lathe (homemade setup) with a hand tool to cut the recess. You can also remove the caps and change the inserts or paint them.

Remove the caps with a suction cup?

I v seen people fitting in metal weight rings.

Suction cups.