fully modded kickside

kickside that is reshaped starburst removed and silicon recessed 

some pics

Cool. Weight rings?

It looks great!

thanks and were can i get some weight rings for it that fit

that is really cool! now I want a kickside to hack at

yea its pretty fun even if you mess the it up i meant this was my first try and i can out great now wolble or vibe it works great and thanks

andrew u forgot me
i satin it and caused him to ‘‘screw up’’ and we got that shape and siliconed it and removed the starburst he reshaped it siliconed it kk’ed it and satined it

post up ur 888 andrew

u can get rings at any hardware store

How’d you reshape it… Maybe I can do that to my Lyn

Very cool!

screw driver, dremel tool, vice grips, table, sandpaper, time

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yeah u put dremel in vice yoyo in derimel and take small sharp screwdriver and shape the yoyo then just sand it down to be smother

man, you’re amazing!!! I would like to make sth like this to my SM, so please, make an Tutorial ; - P

i quess i can make turturial but am gonna need anew kickside

il sell u mine for 10 dollars andrew’

you reshaped yours

nope i didnt

mabe when i get the money

Nice work brohaw!