FIrst mod (mabey =p)

HI. I’m thinking about modding a kickside, but am not sure how to. What I would want to do is

  1. sand down to make smaller (to the first or second ring you can see in the souside groove under the caps)
  2. dye it black ( i just use boiling water and RIT dye right?)
  3. add weight rings (just get rubber/ metal O rings and glue(?) on?)

how hard would this be? And do you think i could get it right my first try? Im OK with tools and would watch many tutorials lol.


i am not a modder bt i think you have the second and third right bt i think the first one would be preaty hard to get both sides the same and not causing vibe or wobble

ok, the first was the one i really wanted lol. I like smaller yoyos, but they all seem to be really expensive =(. But if you think it would be hard, oh well.

  1. Don’t sand it, maybe use something sharp to cut more plastic while it’s spinning on the drill. However, it is quite hard to cut evenly. I was really lucky the first time I reshaped a yoyo. BE CAREFUL! Wear gloves, ask parents, etc.
  2. To dye, you need boiling water, rit dye, and acetone. Very dangerous, may flash boil. Adult supervision is always good. Look at this tutorial:
  3. You can get cheap weight rings at Lowe’s for like 69 cents a pair.