mosquito mods

i would like to know some easy mods to make it a little better.and i need some response pads any ideas for some easy home made pads. and i could try some simple mods i just want it for fun

What do you need help with?

You can silicone recess,maybe beefcake,reshape if you have a lathe.

Really you can do so much but you didnt really ask a question.

jw what are some easy mods

I did this on a drill press. Don’t see why you need a lathe.

For highwalling I used a file.
For sillicone and pad reccess I used a sharpened jewlers screwdriver.
For reshaping I used a sharpened jewlers screwdriver.
For weight I used clay (But you should probably not and use thin wire instaid).

These I reccomend for begginning 5a.

Sili reccess
A little reshaping to take off vibe
Adding a weight ring to it, and possibly on the outside part where it curves back so it’s easyer to land on the string.