Modded FHZ Review!

To get things started things started, this is my first review. This yoyo was also modded by Staten Island Man.

I think this yoyo is pretty dang good. Bearing cleaned, Satined, Silicone Recessed, and Slight Reshape, it just sounds like a good yoyo in the making. Dead unresponsive, smooth, everything. I love it.

Spin- 7/10
Grinds- 9/10
Play- 8/10
Slacks- 7 1/2 /10
Whips- 8/10
Lacerations- 9 1/2 /10

It is a FHZ, so not meant for super long spins, but nice enough to pull off a good combo, Bout a 1 15 sec. sleeper.

It has been satined, so it grinds great! Glides across the arm, and can’t even feel it on your finger. Just can’t thumb grind! But for a plastic yoyo, this thing can grind!

Plays pretty nice on the string, kinda sluggish though. Little vibe, but it can pull off my hardest combo!

Slacks, Whips, Lacerations
It is decent for slacks, OK for whips like wrist whip, and amazing at lacerations!

I really like this, right behind my protostar. It is amazing for lacerations, all though it is sluggish on the string. Overall I give this yoyo a 8 1/2 / 10!

Thx for reading my review, and tell me how I did!

glad you like it. i just wantedto check about the vibe thing cause when i had it after modding it had no vibe. can you try to put your nail to it while spinning. if it stops vibing its your throw. just want to make sure its ok. thanks for making a review.

I already tried :frowning: