ModFather Reshaped FHZ

I had the pleasure of going to the Ohio State YoYo Contest last Saturday. I knew Perry “The ModFather” Prine was going to be there and I was excited to see what he’d have on display. I’d thrown a few of his modded throws at the CYYC and knew I wanted one, but not which one.

I was disappointed that there weren’t any of his high-walled recessed trans blue FHZ’s on display until I saw this clear FHZ with trans sparkle orange caps. It’s slightly reshaped with a single pad recess.

I’ll keep this short and to the point (most if us have thrown or own more than a few FHZ’s).

This yoyo is completely vibe free, has super tight and snappy binds without compromising the lack of response (it’s not snaggy at all), and looks sweet as all get out. The reshape, though slight in this instance, does change the feel of the yoyo and how the string hits the gap in a very good way.

The yoyo comes in a standard FHZ package with three counterweights and spacers and string.

I’m extremely happy with this yoyo. The absolute precision of the modding is a wonderful balance of form and function and displays some of the amazing things a great modder can do with an average yoyo. My hat’s off to the ModFather for making my trip up to Cleveland doubly worthwhile. The only thing I’m disappointed about with this yoyo is about 30 minutes after I bought it my girlfriend smacked it into the concrete in front of the Beachland Ballroom. I wanted to be the first to ding it.

Waylon Crase