FT Modfather FHZ

This is a reshaped FHZ with a single large pad recess and orange sparkle caps. The work was done by Perry “The Modfather” Prine. This yoyo does have a few dings on the rim that are not pictured. I’ll upload those as soon as I can. Theses pics just happened to be on my phone. It’s a smooth player and one of a kind, but not one I throw often. Im a player, not a collector, and I prefer to have yoyos around that will be played. Perfect for a FHZ fan or a Modfather fan or just anyone wanting a unique throw. I’m interested in most anything including beat metals (still smooth) and multiple cheap plastics (think Adegle). And like any yoyoer, I can always use C bearings and string. Don’t be shy, I’m open to any offer and won’t bite your head off if I don’t like your offer. And, oh yeah, I like wood.