Selling some Yo-Yos!! Great deals!


I decided I only play with a few of my yo-yos, so why not spread the love and get them out there and make some money by doing so! haha

alright lets see here.

YYJ Journey - $ 10
Blue, has silicone pads (like in the legacy) in it, some scuffs, no caps.

Modfather Reshaped and Recessed FHZ - $25

This modfather is a reshaped and sticker recessed fhz, black with clear caps and it has a duncan silicone sticker.

Modfather flying panda- $20
This has been sticker recessed with a duncan silicone sticker.

All sales include shipping, no international buyers, sorry.
cash, money order and paypal are accepted!

PM me with offers! may be up for trades.


Modfather FH2 is gone!


Bump! Hayabusa Pending!


Bump! Hayabusa gone!


Just a few things left! bump!



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