cheap yoyos

i have some awesome yoyos,only ships to usa add 3-5 dollors for shipping,good prices no trades!!!
Mayham with 2 sets of extra stickers few scraches $40
dark magic2 amazing condition $30
modfather duncan fhz amazing player $30
modded fast 201 $10
modded kickside favorite plastic $12

I’m interested, but I would like some clearer pictures.

Since your signature says that “with Jesus, anything is possible”. So, could you ask him to maybe help you focus your camera and maybe set the date right on it as well? Or maybe turn off the date/time stamps?

Wait that’s not todays date?! I am also interested in a couple of them but some clearer, maybe more individual shots and some out of the box would be nice too thanks

Jake you still selling these??

Hey you still sellin I’m interested in the DM2