recrev no.9

For lack of good reviews on this yoyo, i have decided to review my B-grade no.9 from recreational revolution yoyos.

first impressions(stock)-7/10
I bought this yoyo at bac thinking it was a yyf frantic (they look nothing alike, i was just a noob) And it was my second metal, my first being a dv888. It felt weird as heck, with the regular size and h shape. The thing about it that I loved though, were the bubble rims. B4 the dv888 I used to do 1a and 4a with a duncan hayabusa (fail) so the rims felt kinda natural. But the one reason I made it a seven out of ten was the bearing. This peice of crap never broke in, And the yoyo was constantly slamming me in the face. At that time I had been yoyoing for about two months so I couldnt do many mods with it.

now Ill review the stock playability

at that point I was just learning jade whip and I feel like this is was my ticket to success in learning it. The gap, wich is very large, was able to take the whip. But once again, the responce was the biggest problem. I ended up with a very smooth whip because of it, but being slammed in the nuckles and face does not tickle.

once again, responsiveness. Ill get to the finish later, but there was no grinding this thing, it would just come back to you.

back then i couldnt do any slacs so Ill come back to that.

You guessed it, responsive.

spin time(stock) 5/10
It didnt spin as long as my dv888, but It did spin for about 1:30


Despite its weight, about 70 grams, this yoyo played 20 times faster than aything I had ever used, not sure why. maybe it was just the shape.  

   So a little while passed, and I eventually did some modding to it. At first, i got a kk bearing wich I loved, it was finnally not responsive(after i broke it in and cleaned it) But in a sad story involving my superstar, the kk was destroyed(litterally) So some time passed and my collection had grown so i put it aside. Until i Got into silicone.
  At first i didnt touch this yoyo, i pretty much forgot about it. But as time went on, I started looking for new yoyos to practice on(i was not very good at it)and so I went to this one. Honestly, this was the best silicone job I have ever done. Its lasted to this day withought a flaw. along with a yye bearing ( i needed a cheap one) this yoyo played and still plays like a god, even now.

In this next part, I will review the modded version (new bearing and silicone), and I will include comparisons to yoyos I own like the superstar, pgm, dv888, dingo and legacy.

First impressions(mods)9/10
This yoyo is very dinged up and faded. The dings mainly are my fault (remember, this was my second metal) but the anno is faded in a way that looks really cool like a ring of acid wash on the inside of the yoyo. Compared to a superstar: Honestly, this yoyo looks nothing like a superstar. It is smaller in every aspect, the rims are bubbles, not flat. But i feels just like a superstar, to the point where I might cosider using this and my suerstar together if I ever learn 3a. Honestly, i love the shape.

Whips(mods) 10/10
this yoyo rocks!!! like I said before, this yoyo is how I perfected whips, And I still love the whips today.

I have mixed feelings about the grinds on this yoyo, and wonder about making two grind categories. the reason for this is that there is nowhere to thumbgrind, but the finish and shape is perfect for arm and finger grinds. The last palm grind i did was such a fail, my friend fell of his dinosour laughing (thats a joke)the grinds are nowhere near as good as the dingo, and are only slightly closer to the pgm. about as good as the dv888

this yoyo has nice weight to it, and it can throw some slack around preatty darn well, just not as well as the superstar.

this yoyo is the GOD of laceratrions being able to whip around several times withought hesitation and land buttery smooth with lots of ease. better than any yoyo I own, inclouding the superstar.

Spin time(mods)5/10
this yoyo has an average sleep time of about 3 min. wich isnt anything comared to the 7 I can get on my superstar or the 8 some people said they could get on a dingo.

this yoyo is fast. like green blur fast, its faster than the superstar and the dingo and the dv888. its also got a nice shape to it that allows you to have very high speeds withought losing the ability to easily land on the string. I just think this is the fastest yoyo ive ever used.

Final thoughts and opinions:
this is probably my second favorite yoyo, even though its a B grade and it cost 90 dollars less than my favorite (the superstar) I got this yoyo for thirty dollars and I think it really could be at least 100 dollars more, it really is that good. So if you ever happen to find one of these, buy it and do some minor mods. You will love it.

with specs and pics this would make my #1 on my reviews list

specs are:

The price doesnt make the yoyo. I’m playing my x convict more than my peaks at the moment. Loving Bi metals again.

cool review. I’ve been wanting to get one for some time.

Review seems off. Its missing something.
Oh yeah. Facts.

You want facts? There is a solution :

No real need to add the specs to the review when there are like more than a dozen ways to obtain that info, and yet the reviewer put them in the second post in this topic… What a great guy…
Somebody’s opinion can mean a lot more then yet another summation of the facts & specs…
Good review man…

Not the specs. Lets not be rude here. Reviews should not contain things that you just think. A review is meant to be a description of play, look, feel, and comparison. Those things are facts. How does it look in the light? How does it play, for sure, for fact, on Slacks, Whips, Suicides, Grinds, in detail.

Why? Whips and Slacks are a string thing. Suicides are a skill and string thing. Can you explain why what happens happens? Reviwing something and saying “this rocks” is not necessarilly the kind of review that I know I want to read. I want to read this sort of thing

“Rec Rev is a beautiful black, blue and white speckled coat of splashed aluminum. It takes to light very well. It’s smooth on the string, yet cuts the air like …”

Just tips, nothing more. You should include more facts.

well if you want to know about the finish
I got the green, wich started out a kinda flat green that almost sparkles when it hits the light. But over time, from grinding, the finish has faded out to the point were it looks almost like a yellow green acid wash in some places. The rims have also become a slightly lighter green (not including the scratches) engraved on the inside circle is No.9
since it was a B grade, there is a little bump in the center of the inside circle that i don’t believe was ment to be there, but that dosn’t effect play at all (I was suprized that the B grade plays with no obvious wobble, vibration or anything) i really dont find the looks THAT amazing, but i’m a little spoiled with the wavelength pattern on my superstar.

Im not quite sure what u mean by “Facts” but i hope this answeres some of your questions

Mi, you need to shut up and realize that most people aren’t THAT wordy. I think the review was great, if it plays great for him, why wouldn’t it play great for us?

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