MOD for a DM????????

I use a DM with stock bearing and have had nothing done to it. However, i want to mod it or change something to get a longer sleep time.
Do KK bearings actually improve sleep time?
I don’t want to make any permanent mods so please reply and thank you.

wrong section.

but the answer is yesno

it is an opinion. i think it is smooth but mine is kinda overlubed so it doesn’t sleep to its full potencial.
it will make it sleep longer if your throws are not very straight. they keep the string away from the response, but using a flat bearing and correcting your throw is much more rewarding.

my conclusion, buy it if you want to try it. cant hurt too much. but keep in mind that you don’t need one. it doesn’t make it sleep longer, but smoother and prevents the string from grabbing the response as much

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a kk is more or less a good way of keeping your string away from the response and a way to make the yoyo stay straight when you throw. i use one in my genesis at the moment and its much nicer than the flat bearing in my pgm which died out after about a minute of sleeping on a good straight throw. so like mr.yo said it’s really an opinion and a kind of yes and no subject as far as if it improves sleep time

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I got a ceramic konkave. I spent 30 bucks on one, and when I got it, It was really responsive and and turned out bad. But that’s just my opinion. Just buy the stainless steel one.

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you can take out the o-ring and put in silicone or rtv or even buy silicone o-rings from here:

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When did you get the ceramic KK?

Back on topic:

You can put a gray shim and a red shim on it.
Also, you can take the o-ring out and put flowable silicone.

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Sorry, i didn’t see the modifications tab.

No, it’s okay. This is the Help/Reccomendation. So you need help, so it works.

For me, I shimmed it, and I siliconed it. Makes it sleep better. KKs are expensive… and they are not that much of an advantage. If you search up homemade shims, you can find a tutorial I made here.

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i tried to search homemade shims but it only goes back here:( i want to know too

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The Official Guide: How To Make Your Own Shims

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Practicing your throw is a good thing to do. I ordered a kk along with my DM but I’m not putting them in yet. My dark magic does not sleep enough but sleeps more than enough for me to do tricks, everything stock besides string.
Sorry I didn’t saw the date mrcnja posted.

I would silicone the oring half or shave the oring, and add shims. It will play beastly.

Don’t get a Ceramic KK bearing. Get a regular KK bearing. I put it into my DM and the sleep time is 8:53… IT ROCKS!!! I have experience, so I hope u consider my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

To clarify. You can either shave down the Oring and Starburst, or just replace the Oring with a Chaz Pad to make it unresponsive, therefore longer spinning. Then you can add shims, be warned if you shave or replace the response the largest type of shims might be to hard to bind. Finally, a Konkave bearing is definitely longer spinning than the YYJ bearing and it keeps the string centered, making the yoyo spin longer. I did all this stuff to my DM and I doubled the sleep time. The only problem was that the big shim I was using made it too unresponsive, so I put in a skinnier shim and it still spun much longer than before.

I would suggest buying a Die-nasty(The Die-nasty is the same price as a KK, and it has a Center Trac bearing in it.), and switch the bearing from the Die-nasty to the DM, and twist the gap to a larger setting. To me, it is working good, and it still allows you to straighten your throw with it, but it keeps the string away from the sides. (I don’t know how it affects sleep time, because I still need to break down the lube, and I switched the bearing with one that was broken down a little bit.)
I hope this helps.

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I did the same thing as what ked said and it workes well,but one day i was ordering and thaught i would try a kk. and in my opinion the kk sleeps longer than the center trac,I would also suggest getting silicon o rings or vapor o rings and a couple shims,but thats just how i like 2 play with my dm. Im glad i tryed a kk.