DM + Ceramic KonKave ???

DM + Ceramic KonKave
if i got these 2 well it be better or sleeps longer than the 888 or superstar or no ???

Depends on thorw. Andre said he got his DM unresponsive from a KK. Not sure if its ceramic, but it sleeps looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg. eight/8/eight or SuperStar, hmmmm. Creamic KonKave, long spinning yoyo with good metal rims, or SPEC, and all metal.

I think DM with Cer. KK will sleep about 1-1/2 min. longer.

thank you ;D
it well be my first yoyo that sleeps long i have a yotech yoyo onle 20 sec sleeping and then it wakes up :stuck_out_tongue: and with that i do all my tricks really fast just to have a bit spin left to get it back :-[

sleep time isnt everything! plus you have to have a good straight throw to get a good sleeper

Yes. You don’t need to get a ceramic bearing as long as you have a good throw. Yes it can add sleep time to the yoyo, but people with good throws can easily get a Dark Magic to sleep for several minutes, more than enough to do tricks with.

Haha I love this saying. But if you want to know the spin time, I got an 8 min spin time with my Hitman (with the KKC).

:o you make me want to get a ceramic kk just to be like LOOK AT THIS!!! with my friends lol they are amazed by 1 minute

Haha. Sleep time isn’t everything. ;D

Im getting a ceramic kk for my hitman ;D

Like everyone says, sleep time isn’t everything. Smoothness with tricks is more important than having a very long sleeping yo-yo(in my opinion at least).

And also, it doesn’t matter if you have KK bearings if your throw isn’t very good. Just practice your throw over and over until you get a strong, stable sleeper.

Right now, I have a DM with the stock bearings, and I can make it sleep for over 3 minutes with no thin lube or anything. Just PRACTICE. :wink:

If that was the case, what is the point of having a konkave bearing?

Aw. Come on man. KKs are a waste if you ask me. Just break in the stock bearing. Throw the yoyo a lot and in the end it will pay off. You get a nice, semi-quiet, long-spinning bearing. Save your money and buy some string with that. Lol

If you have a bad throw, they center the string.

If that’s the case, just practice the throw. Later on, the KK will spoil you.