ok so i yoyo and all that but i dont only play yoyo and play FPS games First-Person-Shooter. and i found 2 games that look ok its BlackShot and Warock they both look cool but what should i choose plz reply!!!


Forget about those games…

If you want a FPS game with tons of action , get Bulletstorm.

Or if your into those war games , get COD Black Ops.

That’s all i can tell ya.


TF2 (Team Fortress two) is now 100% F2P (Free to play) just download it off Steam…

Also may want to look into PlanetSide:Next I love PlanetSide and now they’re rebooting it. Worth looking at if you ask me…

Old PlanetSide video of a tower battle…


Thanks but im looking for PC MMOFPS sooooo i have bulletstorm black ops and TF2 but there good but TF@ makes me so mad becase hackers it should be called Hack Fortress… SO ONLY PC MMOFPS HELP PLEASE!!!1


PlanetSide is for PC.