Mmmm Shiny!!


So what really happened to the Agape? Seems like ages since SBL gave one away.

I just figured that is one extremely wide yoyo. Its width is larger than its height.

How did you get it so SHINY!

I have found you!

Oh I forgot to say that you should give it to vendetta to anodize.

Lets go Blacky

posts relevant to the topic please.

WOW That looks really nice.

Looks pretty, icthus. This is also one of the best profile pictures I have seen yet. I still want to satin one with hearts.

man that is pretty, I want that :o

no icthus.
‘I’ see you.
man that shiny. bet i look awesome when played under sunlight, midday… :o :o

I can’t believe that ones mine.

Yep it is.

i’m so happy

I can see your camera in it.


And yes, quite shiny.

Are you thinking about ever anodizing them?

That is my dilemma. I have 50 ready for the anodizer. But every time I get ready to send them I end up needing the money for something else. It will happen guy’s. Just biding my time I guess.

would it be solid, or a splash, etc.?

Either solid or two toned.


Also leave some raw