Mmmm Shiny!!



(JonasK) #2

So what really happened to the Agape? Seems like ages since SBL gave one away.

(Kei) #3

I just figured that is one extremely wide yoyo. Its width is larger than its height.


How did you get it so SHINY!

I have found you!

(Kei) #5

Oh I forgot to say that you should give it to vendetta to anodize.

Lets go Blacky


posts relevant to the topic please.

(JosephP) #7

WOW That looks really nice.


Looks pretty, icthus. This is also one of the best profile pictures I have seen yet. I still want to satin one with hearts.


man that is pretty, I want that :o


no icthus.
‘I’ see you.
man that shiny. bet i look awesome when played under sunlight, midday… :o :o


I can’t believe that ones mine.


Yep it is.


i’m so happy


I can see your camera in it.


And yes, quite shiny.

(Kei) #15

Are you thinking about ever anodizing them?


That is my dilemma. I have 50 ready for the anodizer. But every time I get ready to send them I end up needing the money for something else. It will happen guy’s. Just biding my time I guess.


would it be solid, or a splash, etc.?


Either solid or two toned.



Also leave some raw