I have a MCMO and I like it, I think the only slight issue I have with it is that it plays a tiny bit heavy for my taste? Does anyone have both MMC and MCMO? How does the MMC play compared to the MCMO? Lighter/floatier/more fun?

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The MC feels a tad bit lighter imo

To me they feel very similar with the mcmo feeling more powerful. I feel like the mcmo feels very light and very floaty. What throws are you use to

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What SE’s do you have in it? When I took the flat caps out and popped in UL’s, it became screaming fast/light


i feel like UL doesn’t have enough center weight and it makes the yoyo hard to move around, so I m using dome rn.

MCMO feels light and floaty? Interseting, I have always thought mcmo being floaty, but kinda mid-weight and enough for it to be a competiton throw. I m actually not quite sure what throws I am used to the most, just that I feel like MCMO has that tad bit of weight on it, and it’s kinda recultant to move around.

Is it significant enough in your opinion? Or let’s put it this way, can you feel the difference in every day plays?

MCMO heavy?! Its like the most floaty yoyo ever and feels way lighter than 63g or whatever imo


both the yoyos are pretty much the same yoyo.

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I originally though that too, but after some more prolonged comparisons they are definitely different. The MMC feels lighter and more floaty, less powerful, and a slight bit more maneuverable. You need to work with the MCMO a bit more to get the same speed, but it likes to flow rather than be forced. The differences are subtle. Both are great. Atm I prefer the MCMO.

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No and yes

That’s how I feel. Very light, very floaty, but still very powerful

Light floaty powerful nimble, changes direction deceptively quick. Im Curious what these other people normally throw to feel thi way about the mcmo

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Me too. That’s why I asked what he usually throws

Center weight adds to the floaty feel and decreases stability. Removing center weight should increase stability and maneuverability.

I think the MC feels lighter than the MCMO. If you like the MCMO, then you should definitely get an MC. If you’re not a fan of the MCMO, changing to the MC likely won’t drastically change your opinion.

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these yoyos dont feel float.

When comparing and playing them both set up with Flat Caps and Rebby, I feel that the original MC plays just a little more bubbly. Its is a less denser material, and I also get this same sensation when comparing the Grail with a B7 as well.


Like at all? Float is definitely subjective but I think most experienced yoyo players would find it difficult to say that the MC or MCMO don’t feel floaty at all.


These are my thoughts of the two yoyos : My perception of The Markmont. Classic Magnum Opus vs. the OG Markmont. Classic

I will add that the MC definitely has a magical lightness and ease of redirection that I feel is not as pronounced in the MCMO. I like both but they are definitely different throwing experiences. It just goes to show that 7075 is not better than 6061, it’s just different.