Mk1 x Spiral - Sliver

It is delightful to make something cool with a friend. I have been working on a new slimline yoyo with my pal Jamie, who runs Spiral (see: the Kappa - this is important as a design note).

We call it the Sliver, as a reference to the cool Magic: The Gathering creature type that was first introduced in Tempest block, and because slivers (the general concept) are very thin. As a bonus, the clear colorway is now called Silver Sliver.

We designed a cool box that follows the dimensions of an M:TG card box, though thicker to fit a yoyo inside. I hired cool artist friends for the “sliver” and the box layout.

The SLIVER is 54mm in diameter, 34mm wide, and 63g. It plays primarily unresponsive, though there’s a fully greased flat bearing included if you want a responsive mode. The Sliver pockets easily but was designed with performance in mind, allowing it to be a great 1a companion.

G2 Nate recorded a review for us:

The Sliver will cost $54 for monocolor and $60 for multicolor, and will release on January 21st here on YoyoExpert.

I made sure the box fit magic: the gathering cards inside. Just in case you have a giant pile of beat up cards you need to carry somewhere.

*mtg cards NOT included with the yoyo


Very cool!


Colorway post, I’ll update this with the 6th colorway when we reveal it on instagram.

Also follow Spiral so you can see some very nice tricks that are pleasant to observe.

That’s all 6!


Wow this looks great !!! I have always loved undersized yo-yos and this one looks like a lot of fun. I can’t wait for this to drop :grin: and I’m super hyped for all of the colorways too !!!

Edit: 3 seconds later and bam y’all drop a post on the colorways how convenient :sweat_smile:


The purple is really nice.



Hold on a second… Not over there and not over there and not over here oh there it is and there’s the other one.

Sorry, but when I saw that yo-yo and the specs and the colorways my eyeballs popped out of my head.:scream_cat:. I had to go feeling around for them but I popped em back in and damn…… Really great looking product and fixins……

And I would have to agree that purple looks good……like purple chrome. Actually I like all four of those color ways.

Pretty reasonable price too if it plays anything like it looks, that’s a heck of a deal.


Too good.


Price, packaging, and the thought put into the throw — it’s all tops.

Really looking forward to buying one… or three. I have a problem.


Quick combo with Crossfade Sliver

Slim, pocketable performance. Get challeged, not frustrated.


Omg its happening!?! My hobby streams are crossing! MTG and yoyo what timeline is this lol

Looks amazing


I’m super excited for this! So far the best all slimline throw I’ve tried is the markmont black canon. Does anyone who has used a prototype have an idea of how the sliver compares? I imagine this will take its place as my new favourite pocket throw.


Normally it’s easy to decide which colour to get… but this time… a bit difficult!


Knocked it out of the park with those colorways.
Here I was gonna try and resist :joy:


100% purchasing one… now only decision is on silver or purple lol


Last two colorways.

Both of these are rim masked, similar to the HDMelon contact.


The art on the green one is beautiful and speaks to me. Spiral eyes, love it


I’m super tempted to grab a laser fade to go with my laser fade RBC. I just realize they’re basically the same size, which is perfect for the pocket (54x34 vs 55x34). now that i’ve been spoiled with a pocket responsive, I wouldn’t mind being able to have an unresponsive in the same size/color to change out based on mood lol


Just tried one out yesterday, really fun design. Plays like a slim-line, but doesn’t feel limited at all performance wise. Had no trouble getting through my go to tricks first try, whereas with lots of other slim-lines I would have to compensate/adjust for tilt. Great job @MarkD!


Same Sam. Do I let me love for Metroid overcome my disdain for orange? Do I cop a kappa because it’s just a great design? Do I go with the Ness edition solely for the yoyo representation in video games? Laser fade to match my RBC? Purple because it’s the best color? Clear for that silver sliver?!

Probably just let the wife decide, lol.


The PK Sliver is the choice.

The color choices for this really are stacked though. I prefer glossy yoyos so the taro speaks to me, but the cucumber also looks so good and I’ve been digging green yo-yos lately, but also I never got a PK Yomega back when those released so the PK Sliver has to be the play here… right?