MikeMonty's Memento Yoyo

MikeMonty’s Memento Yoyo dropped just now, any of you guys heard about it?

It literally just dropped and I managed to scoop one in the colour I wanted and I am super psyched about it.
Not sure why but seriously looking forward to this one, and it must be good, @chaosgow help design in.

Just wanted to share my excitement with you guys, and also in case other YYE family might be interested in this kind of yoyo I thought I would also let you guys know of it’s existent as this went very much under the radar for me.

So this is the one I got in Gunmetal Gray.

But there are also Red and Blue colours available if that is your jam.


I’m not paid or sponsored or anything, and I bought my own yoyo with my own money, just wanted to show this to you guys in case you weren’t aware and also to help out MikeMonty as I am a bit of a fanboy. :joy:

Any other MikeMonty fans on here?

Description from the site :

For $65 I feel like this isn’t one to sleep on, it’s already selling out fast.

Will do a full review when I receive this bad boy, comes with ZipLine Strings too oh my :scream:


Im glad the price is 65 dollars. For whatever reason i remember him saying it would be 100 when he got the protos, which was a lot for a 6061. Looks interesting.

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The run is of 100, maybe numbers got flubbed somewhere?


Ah, that mightve been it.

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That is a good looking yoyo.


This and the Grail is the new Moonage yoyo.
Haha I never really got into organics before, but that was because my throw was terrible etc.
Hoping I enjoy them more.

I started loving plastics, etc so I have a feeling I’m going to start liking them to chill with :slight_smile:

Grail for home, Memento for daily carry. :slight_smile:

In my head I see this going perfectly, but we shall see


Done… probably should be a post on the impulse buy thread.


Haha you and me both :joy:

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I was thinking of doing 100 for them originally, last time I made yo-yo’s that seemed to be what they were going for. But enough people seeming shocked by that price point and some review of the market helped me realize it would be better to go at a lower price point. I also felt like it wouldn’t receive the same level of scrutiny that a 100+ one would. Which as it’s my first time back in the “I wanna make yo-yo’s” game, I wanted to stack the deck in my favor for the potential for positive reviews. Personally I like it, and have been throwing it for a few months now, I’m hopeful that if I’ve enjoyed it this long others will also. :slight_smile:


There are definitely 100, but they arrived earlier than expected and in order to have enough strings to be able to release some today I had to go with a smaller order of strings to get the ball rolling. I intend to release the rest as soon as I have the rest of the string here.


I think you made a good choice. It looks like a really nice design and jordan knows what hes doing in that department, honestly the old pricepoint is what put me off before, I might need to re evaluate now :slight_smile: