Mixing Yoyo Halves

I just mixed the o-ring half of my dark magic with half of my DV888 and it played worse than my Dv888 but better than my Dark magic. There was no vibe. Has anyone else ever done something like this? Tell how it played, was there vibe etc.

dv888 + pgm = bad throw

I put my Wooly Marmot and Skyline together, and I was pretty surprised at how well it played!

mosquito and dark magici erm not so well.

BigYo and Big Deal.

Not even sure if that’s possible, I don’t own either, haha.

Yeah, sometimes I mess around and do weird things like this. Real interesting stuff.

I sometimes do something like this either.
Genesis + G5
play kinda nice…

It wouldn’t fit because of the axle size.

dark magic+ kickside=tilt master

haha, lol

mosqutio plus loop 900 (looked extra weird because one was imperial and the other was a butterfly)
axiom plus dm

Legacy+Dark Magic=Awesome

kickside + axiom= ok

haha i was doing this earlier today kinda weird

888+g5= ok till it gets on the string
888+g5+beefcaked= horrible cant bind
888+hatrick= impossible axels to long
hatrick+g5= mmk not special

I took two Hatricks, and switched halves.

It was terrible.

Skyline and Superstar = Epic 3a! lol

my friend did skyline and g5

I mixed my GM2 and Peak. It played like a dream. I stripped the Peak’s axle… I have a competition in just over 2 days… oops…

oh also a duncan empirial and a duncan butterfly it was awesome but was horrible at the same time.

i did a hattrick and shinwoo zen 3, a hattrick and mini star and a fury and genesis, the genesis plays exactly the same because they have the same shape and size…

Speeder and dark magic = no vibe.