My Half and Half Hubstack DvMagic Yoyo

I was bored and Apparently this is what i did. This is a mixture if a Dark Magic and a Dv888. I used wall post of my pgm for the hubstacks. VIdeo Soon.

pretty bad/useless mod IMO.

you could seriously screw up the threading in the dv888

THat mod isnt good

i doubt it, but putting two yoyo’s togethor just doesn’t usually play well.

Its actually not that bad for mixing this two yoyos together. Its fine. its doenst vibe,even weight. its actually good

yeah this mod sucks. a dv888 is a great yoyo and there is no need to mod it with a dark magic.that dice stack looks totally stupid and it has to be so uncomfortable because if u didnt notice those yos are different shapes.

It is ok to critique a mod but not be negative or make fun of someone directly. Last part removed.

I kinda like the dice stack mod, but i don’t think sticking it with a dv888 was neccisary.

Hey, that’s really rude. I thought you screwed up the yoyo, but I guess it’s cool that you hubstacked it.

Dude why???

maybe it worked that time, nut most of the time, the axel will get stuck in the other yoyo… has happened to me three times. dont try this again… most likly it will srew up the axel. and btw, you will get bored of it really soon when you realize that it does not work as well as you thought.

Well i put it back together as soon as i uploaded that video… I got bored. I Put things back to normal