I have issues! :/

Ok i know i know i make way to many posts about what yoyo is for me but i most post one more… Right now i have a Legacy and it is awesome but i have a change to get some yoyos for my birthday and am having alot of trouble deciding. Heres the debate i am not the greatest 1a player by any means and want to try some new things such as 2a or 4a and am really lost on what yoyos to get. Heres a list of combinations:
Dark Magic with 2 Sunsets for looping

                  DV888  with 2 Sunsets
                  Dark Magic or DV888 with an offstring yoyo
                  Offstring yoyo and 2 Sunsets

                   PGM and 2 Sunsets or offstring yoyo

Please give me some opinions… Thanks in advance


Shape: Butterfly, Imperial or H-shape

Weight: Still experimenting

Response: Not to fond of Hybrid except for DM

Tricks: All

Color: Doesn’t Matter

Well there’s really a lot of options, but based off what you have listed there: I personally would go for 2 YoYoFactory Loop 720s instead of the Sunset Trajectories, but that is a personal preference. With my looping style I find that the O-ring response in the Sunsets just isn’t responsive enough. And with the price of the DV888 at your list there, you could make some better choices to get 1 of each. Such as:

($85 Bundle)
YYF Grind Machine, 2 Loop 720s and a Duncan Hayabusa SL.

Given you’re options and prices, that’s the option I would go for. I personally prefer plastic to metal most of the time, so I would go for the Grind Machine anyway. But with the lower price of it compared to the DV888, and it is a good compromise between a DV888 and Dark Magic.

Probably your best bang for you buck there. I don’t know what Offstring (if you were using the generic term or referring to the YYF) you have in mind, but I tend to prefer the Duncans for Offstring. But I don’t do it that much, and I haven’t tried out the New YoYoJam Fiesta either.

Come to think of it you could do:

($60 Bundle)
YYF Pocket Change, Offstring and 2 Loop 720s. For a good price, with the Deal going on at YYE.

I personally think that the option w/ the PGM, sunsets and offstring is good. I own all of them and all are great throws. All of them will get you into different styles of play as well. Other than the two obvious ones, the PGM will get you into stacked p-lay as well. Good luck with whatever you choose though!

I was using offstring as a generic term…

well in any case, it’d still be good

I would go with a metal rimmed YYJ and a fiesta or hayabusa, and some counterweights. My hitman and DM play so much better than the PGM that I would take one over it any day. Hybrid response is not my thing though. Maybe a protostar instead.