~Z inspired question

Earlier today ~Z Showed off his Code 1.5(half Code 1 half Code 2) in another thread. That got me thinking: what other yoyos might match well together to make good hybrid combos?

I know yoyojoker did something similar. Its a pretty cool concept, IMO.

Campfire + Messiah

Have you tried this? It doesn’t seem like it would work, Campfire is 1 mm shorter and 5 narrower, not to mention about 4.5 grams lighter. They are a similar shape too which kind of defeats the purpose of mixing them in my mind.
If I wrong I’d love to see the result though.

Nope. Never tried it. I wasn’t even paying attention to gap width when I double checked the specs. Just diameter. I figured it was close enough to maybe work.

maverdash. works better than you would think. half maverick half dash

I’m attempting a “gk888” right now. The grind king and dv888 are really close in size and weight. Only problem is the gk’s axle is extremely long and dv888’s is very short. I don’t have anything in the middle right now.

That’s because they’re basically the same yoyo.


Now that I’d like to see.


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Glacier Garde 1/2 (AG2/GE)
Arctic Chief. (AC Chief)
EvilSquatch. (Sasquatch/Evilyo)

I did half one half whip, it worked pretty good and it’s fun to use :slight_smile:

The AG2 and the GE have different axel systems thus would not be able to hybrid it at all.

All of you should give kudos to Kevin Nicholas of Yoyofactory for using the “Supergen” which is half Supernova and half Genesis and that thing plays too good to be true.

The whole hybrid thing is a lot of fun, but please be careful with your yoyos. Make sure axels are the same between the companies.


Half popstar half dv888. Its kinda… Odd.

I did PGM and an 888. lol

Played surprisingly well considering their differences haha.

More on the normal side, I did a DM and an X-ConVict that played good.

Yuuksta/Nova. So now Kevin Nicholas’s Genesis/Supernova hybrid yoyo has an undersized twin :]

Lol this is what happens when people try to assume too much… Zammy is correct.

My personal favorite are:
Glacier Express / Canvas
Supernova 2011 / Severe 2010 (67g uncapped)

that’s about it. Nothing else I’ve tried really play “better” or favorable than their original intended forms, to me, anyway.