Has anyone screwed two halves of different yoyos together to see how they play? It’s freaking awesome. Just find two yoyos that have the same axle length and place them together and see which half seems to be better.

I did all of these once. The only one that was remotely decent was the Bear Vs. Newton

Taking a big yoyo and combining it with a small yoyo makes it fast and stable but it likes to spin in a circle so you cant stop

Code 2 and Burnside is absolutely fantastic.

Avalanche and Arctic Circle is nice, but always results in problems fixing the axles, 'cuz they’re different in length.

I’ve done a dark magic and phenomizm combo, both of them are black so it looks sweet. And it’s not half bad.
Another time I put together half One and half Whip, it played better than the originals.

I believe Takeshi has dibs on the term “frankenyo”.

So, what do you get when you mate a Hitman and an Avenger? the FrankenYoYo - It’s a pair of Hitman shells, mounted on a trimmed down Avenger hub. And a big hats off to Takeshi. That’s one fine job on designing and machining those parts to come up with that. One fine piece of work. (And some of you thought he only recesses FHZ’s…)

Plays very nicely;D Half Majesty Half Genesis

IMG_2056.MOV (2.94 MB)

He is using a code 1.5 in this video.