Frankin-yoyos! What's yours?!

Don’t know if this should be in the mod forms or not, but I have done the ultamite taboo. XD No, but seriously. I like personalizing my throws, and the easiest way to do that for me is to to buy two of the same yoyo and switch halves. But then I got to thinking, “What if some yoyo companies are lazy and I can do that with other throws?” Show off two yoyo with one string?
So I got to being all evil scientist like, and here are my findings:

the inspire and dark magic two, using center bearing and inspires axel. Play: No noticeable difference, no vibe. Spin time: about a minute on average. Symmetrical: Nope. Dark magic’s shape stopped little higher than the inspires. (Inspire spin time about a minute 5 to a minute 10. Dark magic spin time about 35, but it should be noted that my dark magic has slight vibe)

Next up is shaqler and john ando proto, using shaqlers axel and center track bearing. Play, good, very slight vibe. Spin time: about a minute again. Had trouble throwing this one but a minute is fair. Symmetrical: surprisingly really close. At least for the rims and over all shape. Shaqler spin time same, and proto a smig better, but by like a second. XP)

and the under dog duo, the surprise warriors, THE REGEN AND SUPER NOVA 2014 EDITION. Ok, this was amazing because I thought this would NEVER work. I mean, I tried the shutter and regen which would make sense to me, but I was WRONG! So lets get to it!
with super nova axel, and the center track bearing from the regen, the Play: awesome. Any vibe there was I couldn’t feel it. Spin time about a minute 5, which is 5 better than the regen and 5 less than the nova (I should mention, all these spin times were from me throwing them, and I’m not the best at doing steady throws). Symmetrical? no, the regen has a hard h shape, and the nova has more of a organic v shape. But they LOOK SO GOOD!
But this was my first experience with this, what is your guys?!

It has been done before but cool since I’m not the only one who does it, I do it on my friends throws tho cuz I don’t have that many yoyos haha. Kevin Nicholas of YYF used to use 1/2 Genesis and Supernova screwed together for competitions
Benchmark series also made this really accessible
Not taboo haha

Hahahaha. XD darn I thought I was the first. XD well I’m glad it’s out there! I guess I was just bragging about my own discovery. XD