Mixing Yoyo Halves

i thought about doing that, just for fun lol. now i know not to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

new breed+dark magic= ok

Just about any two yoyos you mix togethor will play horribly. Even if they don’t tilt they’ll be an uncemetracle mess. But i did do it on my dm and journey once, it was pretty bad, but not completely unplayable.

An uncemetric yoyo won’t always play bad… when two halves aren’t the same size the yoyo just spins and on the string it tilts, but even then you can find different yoyos same weight when I did the Skyline and Superstar it played like a beast!

The correct term is “asymmetrical,” gentlemen.

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Fhz plus metal zero and… a mini zero and a normal zero


keep them coming… they’re actually pretty interesting

Dark Magic+Journey=nice, and makes you feel like you want to beat it up for no good reason, but a good player, and doesn’t tilt!

It does tilt a little, it kinda feels like a lighter dm. And the binds sorta vary depending on which half of the dm you swapped.

888 B-Grade+888x=Fine

my SkyyLines play surprisingly well. Grinds on them are very interesting.

G5 + Dv888 = not bad

Well, yes. It does tilt a little because of their weight. And also I use the double O-Ring response for them, as I hate the Starburst.

one of my favorite yo-yo’s of all time is my eetzilla (half eetsit, half bapezilla). but they’re essentially the same yo-yo so it doesn’t count.

people used to do that with the busine$$ though, too. the bapene$$ actually played pretty well.

a looper and a butterfly, it was either very awkward or stripped my axle, hmmm…

Here are the combos I made:
Skyy Chaser + Punchline= SkyyLine
PGM= M1= pgM1