Look what I did!


I was doing some research on yoyo axles and threads. Then this happened


One half is pgm and the other half is halo. Surprisingly enough their is no vibe present other than regular plastic vibe. There is no vibe on the string and ever so slight vibe on the finger test. Just thought I should share this. Have you guys and gals done anything interesting?


I mixed a C3 Capless with my MYY T10 and it played awesome very slight vibe.

(SR) #3

I did a PGM with an 888 one time. Despite the huge differences, it was perfect for some reason.


Sweet throw!


looks nice :slight_smile: do you not get precession from the weight difference?


Would the different weights actually affect it at all? I think I read somewhere that it doesn’t affect the play as much as you would think. A while back I saw a video where someone spliced a Supernova and Genesis, although that’s not too bad.

(WildCat23) #7

Made a Code 1.5 at our local club. Inspired by Zammy of course…

Also, I’ve done it many times…


Seems like there are a lot of curious throwers on this forum :D. So i decided to do another combo


Half Token and Half Halo. Still little to no vibe and plays very well considering.


It would be cool to mix a rally and a yeti.


Half OD Code 2 half Eternal Throw Victory is the only one I’ve tried and it’s amazing!


Does anybody have some pics they’d like to share?


Ok, I’m pretty sure that, because of some physics or whatnot, the different weights will not affect the yoyo.


Code1 and dv888 dont work the size and weight diffrence didnt work out, but maybe different side effects could balance it better.


yeah they would, if one side is significantly heavier than the other then you will get ‘precession’
its what causes a spin top or one-sided diabolo to rotate once its on the string.

most yoyos only differ by a few grams so therefore the halves will differ by even less so it wont be that noticeable.


When I was barley starting I put an SR-71 and an SFX together. From what I remember it was really smooth and very well balanced despite the differences. But that was 2 years ago so I can’t take pics. Seeing as I’ve lost one and broken the other.


Ok, I guess if it was extreme like a mini with an oversized, yes, but I’m talking reasonable weights. :slight_smile: