Guess what I found on my table when I came back from work?

(Mark) #1

My Fool’s Gold Peak!!! I’m so excited! I have been playing for the last two hours straight and I don’t plan on stopping! Pictures and a review coming soon!

PS> There’s something about a metal yoyo that induces creative juices and morale that boost’s your playing ability and creation of new tricks.

(Mikey) #2



Awesome! Aren’t you lucky!


can you feel whats wrong with it?
I’m thinking about getting one.


awesome dude. happy throwing

(Mark) #6

When I picked it up and threw it, there was no vibe at all that I could see. My string had no vibration too. There was only one ano hole half the size of an asprin and in a not so noticable spot.

Also, there are no more Fools Gold Peaks anymore. They sold out on their summer sale.


Awesome man! What job do you have?


I was thinking food. Shucks, I was wrong :-\

Congrats! Peaks are great! I’m jealous! :slight_smile:


Awewome! does yours have any vibe?

(Mark) #10

No vibe at all unless it throw bad or if the string is old.

To Chris, I work in Corning Inc. (More of an internship.)