How does the fools Gold peak play?

How does the fools gold peak play?
Is it almost as good as good the regular peaks?
How is it?
Any help appreciated.

Yes, it plays the same as others.

Happy Throwing! =]

Not the same, but very similar.
I love fool’s golds, cheaper and the flaws aren’t so bad. The vibe isn’t noticable unless you touch it, and its still really small. My vibe actually got abalanced due to string breaking over concrete. (I hate YYE strings!!! >:()
Overall, a great yoyo.

Haha, thats why you should buy Element strings everyone ;D

Sorry for being off topic.

P.S. Were you using poly strings?

hmmm so the fools gold peaks vibe is tuneable in a way?

If it has a vibe… ?

It might be tunable if you apply teflon tape to the axle. Even if it’s not, it should still play amazing.

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thats what I was thinking…

i don’t know!!! ??? how should i know i havent played with one

Then don’t post. Don’t take anything personal for that matter. You are not the center of YYE, and everything isn’t aimed towards you.

And ye, the Fool’s Gold are amazing.

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No two would be identical, you’d have to play the specific one to be sure. The couple I’ve tried have felt very nice, vibe not noticeable to me, but maybe it would be to a more discerning (better) player.

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Thanks Brad and everyone!
Im difinatley(sp?) gonna be getting a fools gold peak! ;D