Mixed color Halves ?


Im tempted to get a yoyo, but it only comes in a one side green, one side red colorway.
How do yoyo like this look? Ive never played or seen mixed halves so i want opinions on wether it looks good or wether i should wait for another solid color


I like the different colored halves. I like it better than solid colors. My least favorite is a yoyo with only engravings on one side but the same color. It’s up to you though


Don’t see why not! Red and green are colors that complement each other, not to mention it’s that seasonal color! I personally love the color combination!


Mixed halves are one of the coolest looks for a yoyo, but the red and green combo invariably makes me think of Christmastime.


Mixed halves are great, but red and green wouldn’t be my first choice.


Glad to see all the positive comments! Guess I’m gonna get it for sure!


Of course you could buy 2 and then have an all green and all red one.


Oh man, that pic makes me miss those yoyos! I need another Falcon!

I love mixed halves too.

(YoYoStringLab) #9

I remember people used to ask on the forums a lot for others willing to switch halves so they could both end up with mixed halves, because the results were more highly desired. This was when there were more solids of course.


Yeah, the Falcon is the only one of the Holiday Trifecta that I still have. I don’t allow myself to use it during the year, but when the Christmas season hits, it becomes my main player. It’s become a bit of a tradition for me, and is one of the things I look forward to every year.


When you do a gyro flop it looks like you changed te colour magically


I’m not a big fan of Christmas lights in July, but with that Falcon… ;D


I, personally, think they look freakin’ amazing. They feel so clean unlike the splash that some people use. Don’t get me wrong, I love splash, but I love solid halves instead


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^ Need to get me one of those.

I don’t mind mixed color halves if they’re black/white, black/gray, or Bape. Other than that, nooooo thaaaanks.


Blue/purple is were its at.


Purple and black mixed halves yoyo en route to me this coming week! Probably won’t arrive until the following week. Oh well. :wink:

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I love my two-tone ocho8ocho. It is red and green as well. Onedrop used to do their colorways like that all the time.


I’ve got a Gray/Blue Ava, love that thing to death. It’s my go to throw everywhere. I also like being able to see how the colors flip from throw to throw.