Looking for a white and black yoyo.


Hi there everyone. My friend is obsessed with opposites, and he really wants a half white half black metal yoyo. Can anybody give me possibilities? Thanks.


You could switch half’s of yoyos maybe.


This^^^ I want to do this


Well you can’t really do white with ano so having someone like Mullicabob powder coat whatever throw he wants


I don’t think it would be possible in this situation. He doesn’t have enough money and I’m not going to buy the same yoyo he has haha.


White metals are extremely difficult to find since you can’t anodize in white

The 401k espionage was teflon coated white but he’d then have to find a black one as well

Custom powdercoat work will most likely be his best chance at finding one


Magic n9 floating does is sorta black and white? It’s the silver without ano look


Well, in your/his Sig,you could put "looking to switch balfs of !" (= the throw) or pit it on bst or something.


The closest thing I could really find (besides swapping halves) was the SPYY Stryker, but even then, it’s silver and black, not black and white, and isn’t solid colored, it has a splash.


doesn’t the rockstar come in purple and gold or something? You can get 1 for $70 on bst. And the new superstar, you ca get it half blue and half silver.

When you switch half’s, you dont buy two of the same yoyo. You send 1 half to a friend with the same throw, and he sends the other half.


I’m probably just going to have both of us get a Severe and trade halves when we get the money. Thanks everyone.

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Send it to bob, have him soda blast it, and it will look very white. Have him clear coat one half and solid black on the other