Anyone want to swap halves?

I got a 2SickYoYo Knight from a friend who bought it off of the bst. I really enjoy the yoyo, but I don’t like the half swap.

I was wondering if anyone who happened to have this half swap would be willing to trade half of it with me so that I could have a single colored version. That, or if you’d like one of my halves and have one to trade with me, that would work too.

One half is the orange with red splash, and the other is the purple, light purple fade.


Pm me if you’re interested.

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Right but wait, then you’re making the other person have a weird half swap, right? Like… how would this work?

Honestly to fix this you’d need to buy a color that matches and discard the oddball half IMO.

Well… someone had to have swapped them in the first place, so I thought if they ever wanted to swap back, I’d be open to it. And I thought that if someone had made the swap, maybe somebody else would want to as well. If no one is interested, your suggestion is probably the course I will take.

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That is one ugly half swap!


Lmao brutallll

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I’ll buy your ugly half swap knight for 25$ and you can put that towards something else if that helps.

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Thanks for the offer, but I’m not interested in selling it yet. I really enjoy the yoyo, just not the colorway.


What do you mean by that?

Grunt bull is a place where they can re anodize your yoyo. They can change the colors, and they do a great job!

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I’ll have to look into it…

I wonder if the brass ring in the Knight would interfere with re anodizing the yoyo.

For the price of re-anodizing the yo-yo you might just be able to find a used one someone is willing to sell you.


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