I’m not sure if this is been done before. But I came up with a good idea today for Instagram. Use the use the hashtag #halfswap and switch out halves of ur yoyos and get it on video. I found this really fun and hope you enjoy it too!

Sry for making the title wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Owen) #2

Halves wap?

Dont you mean half swap?


Oops ya thanks


Or even more subtle, use two different Side effects to see if they really do make a difference


I think the side effect idea is more interesting IMO.



Sounds like trading halves with a buddy that has the same yoyo.
Make so pretty cool color combos.


I found it very interesting to try this. Btw I don’t have any side effect yoyos


That’s what I thought it was too, and as a fan of 2-tone yo-yos (like the old BumbleBee/Cold Fusion) I wish it was available more as a manufacturer option. Seems like everyone does solid colors or splashes but very few offer different colored solid halves.


I thought it could be used to trade yoyo halves with others.


ya that’s what is is but it’s fun to combine two yoyos


I went to #halfswap, and there were random photos there already (not yo-yo related). Maybe #yoyohalfswap would keep more of the random stuff out. :-\

(Nova) #12

I don’t know if you meant to try swapping two DIFFERENT yoyos or not, but it is a good thing to try. One thing to watch out for though is the axle of a larger yoyo bottoming out in a smaller yoyo. It becomes essentially impossible to remove. Happened to me on my Token :frowning: at least it wasn’t with the Cliff which was the other half!

Happy experimenting!