Half swap two different yo-yos!

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I’ve stumbled across a new age of yoyo

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This is a half swap of two different yo-yos.
The first one is the WHiP and the Sage, the second is a Shutter and a Shutter Wide Angle. The weight distribution is… interesting. Definitely reccomend experimenting for yourself

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What are your thoughts. What have you tried?

({John15}) #4

Y-factor X MMC

Mantis X Top Deck


I half swapped a popstar with a horizon a few years back. Very odd.

(ChrisFrancz) #6

Interesting. A few weeks ago I was swapping bearings and whatever and when I threw something felt…weird…I had a 1/2 Sage 1/2 WHiP Frankenyo. I was afraid of messing something up so I put things together properly.


Yeah, I did this experiment a while back expecting it to be unplayable, because we were discussing weight differences on the sides of yoyos… but it turns out to be 100% totally playable and not even that weird, if you pick yoyos that aren’t too wildly different :upside_down_face:

I did the Dread G (80g, large) and Crucible (50g, small) for maximum effect here:

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Don’t know if a video exists but I read that a Duncan demonstrator in the 1950’s showed people how he could play with a wood with one side very, very, very large and one side normal because people with a lack of skills were claiming their yoyos were “unbalanced” which people still claim based on what I read in yoyo reviews in online stores.


Here is the Whiple Point.