Post your un-aesthetic half-swaps

(Mk1 Yoyos) #1

The oddest I’ve tried is the Duncan x C3yoyodesign “Big Token” aka “Small Fun”:

The token half actually weighs more than the big fun half. And yes, it fingerspins.

What are your worst half swaps? I’d love to see them!



(Victorian YoYos) #3

I gotchu when I get home


I put together the most extreme half swap I could… half Dread G (80g version), half Smashing Crucible (50g). Massive difference in shape, diameter, and weight, see for yourself :rofl:

Again… dead smooth on the string. It does list heavily to the side and it wants to turn because of the weight differential, but it’s perfectly vibe free. Seriously.


dv888 and tiwalker


Just got my Franken-Reaper!


I wonder how in the world that would possibly work? That just doesn’t make any sense, how can manufactured A grades have vibe at times, but a half swap like that can be dead smooth? Crazy yoyo Gods…