White throws

Hey guys. I was wondering, is there a reason for there being like no pure white anno? Is it impossible, or is it just because no one wants a white ano yoyo? I would buy one if I could.

You can’t anodize a yoyo a color lighter than the color of the metal. You can powder coat a yoyo white though.

How do they do (blank) on white or white on (blank) splashes then. Is it over other anno or what?

Get Delrin.

Nuff Said.

its a clear coat it isn’t really white but its close

This is completely off topic and not what I was asking to be honest…

further elaborating on this idea, it is a clear anodization over a bead blast. a bead blast finish is a very smooth grinding surface created by blasting glass? beads at the yoyo to create the surface. Or a silver anodization will create a near white surface.

Haha sorry you just mentioned white throws and delrin came to mind. Didn’t think it would bother anyone.

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White powder coat or paint are really the only options.

A soda blast then clear sealed with ano might get you close.

I can’t say I ever got a 100% clear answer as to the whole “no white” ano thing. I herd rumors that there was somebody capable of doing a true white ano overseas somewhere outrageously priced of course.

May be a unicorn ^.

Can you anno something black then on top ano white?

you forgot about teflon coating which is on some of the older throws

The Teflon Eggshell 401k is one of my favorite yoyos I’ve used to date. What I would give for one today…

You “can’t” anodize white. Anodizing is a process that builds an aluminum oxide layer on the surface of the metal… that layer is gray, so you can’t dye it white.

Now, I put “can’t” in quotes because “yes” there is a company that does white anodizing. They patented a process for it in the UK several years ago, and somebody in the US has a license for it… however, I’ve never seen it made commercially available. It’s a specialized process that I don’t fully understand to be honest, it gets rather complicated when they go into the chemicals and such that are used… but from what I understand it isn’t anodizing in anything resembling the traditional sense of the process, more of a chemically enhanced reaction?

Anyway, powder coating, painting, and teflon coatings all offer white… or you could just go with delrin.


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Thanks this clears it all up!

I heard you CAN anodize a yoyo white but you need to do the ketchup mod first.

MM… ketchup… Can I do that on a french fry instead? Wink

Oh yea! That guy in Italy, right? Something like several hundred dollars?

Something like that crazy money though in comparison to other stuff.

Would love to see some of the pics of it. To lazy to look.

Turns out there is a “white ano” so to speak.

Uses a different bath and high voltage in the 200 to 300 volt range. Some say it not true ano due to the use of an alkaline bath.

Saw some pics and its pretty sweet looking.

I found this article. www.bluebuddhaboutique.com/blog/tag/white-anodized-aluminum/
or if your feeling smart www.anodizing.org/Anodizing/processes.html