Mission 5A

I have a challenge for you all, and it all leads up to one thing, make 5A grow! The amount of 5A players is shrinking and we can’t let this happen to the wonderful style of play! I challenge you all to do one or more of the things listed below:

Mission 5A Challenges

-Start 5A
-Get someone started in 5A
-Do 5A everyday for a month
-Make a 5A video
-Compete in 5A
-Learn five or more tricks

I’m sure the list of challenges could go on forever (feel free to add your own challenge ideas below) but this is all I have as of now.

So the goal to “Mission 5A” is to get more people into 5A, make it big, make it loved and refuse to let it shrink.

Here on this thread I want you guys to talk about what’s going on with your 5A. Post your videos, post your favorite videos, talk about new concepts, ask for help, talk about the things you do!

Tips for those beginning

First of all, I see this ALL the time, you DO NOT need any kind of different yoyo for 5A! Actually, you don’t even need a real counterweight to start. Grab whatever yoyo you want, find whatever you think will work best for a counterweight (bouncy ball, keychain, dice, etc.) and start practicing. My favorite 5A tutorials are the ones here on YoYoExpert and Miggy’s newer series called DefinitiveYoYoing. If you are struggling with learning, keep on trying! Don’t give up! I remember competing in 5A at Tennessee States 2010 in 5A for the very first time and had the worst luck, I believe I went through four yoyos and many flew off the stage. As badly as I wanted to give up, I didn’t, and I was determined to get better, today 5A is my main style and I’ve placed at regional and state contests and am ranked the highest in 5A from Michigan. Of course it’s not about competing, what place you got or any of that nonsense, it’s about the joy. The satisfaction of knowing that you relearned something out of your comfort zone and got to where you are.

To the avid 5A player

I want you to post on here and help these beginners. Post your videos and tips, post others videos and tips, talk about your new stuff, talk about what you’ve been throwing, anything! Keep this thread up there for people to see, don’t let it sink! 5A shall grow!

Let’s all make this happen. Stop reading this and throw 5A…then come back and post and update us.

Mission 5A

I like it!

Time to break out the dice again…

I always meant to maybe I’ll use my psg and start again tomorrow.

You have my total support. 5a isn’t nearly as popular as it should be.

Yesh, dish ish a goodsh ideaish.


Played some 5a, still doesnt click with me. cant make da new twicks up so I just mess around. When playing 5a you should just have fun with it, like do super high aerials and stuff liek that outside or somethin. That helps when you are trying to stay into da 5az.

I’m doing that and plus 5a is my favorite style. My favorite tutorials are from a YouTuber called Ryan gee with my favorite trick Fitzgerald helicopter.

Patentedhand! Freegens! Silly tricks!


^^^ Those videos are amazing! That’s incredible stuff Elephark.

I’m gonna go watch them again. :wink:

Those were DOPE, Elephark! Makes me want to bust out the CW yoyo I set up and used thrice.

Donnn’'tttt let it dieeeeeeeeee

Land beesting today and perfected Fitzgerald helicopter

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That post gave me cancer.


To other 5a players -

Do you keep your string long or short?

I prefer to keep mine shorter. It makes horizontal considerably easier, as the counterweight has to travel a short distance when you’re swinging it around.

I’ve seem some people play 5a with a really long string and it just seems awkward.

I like it short. I can hardly do 5a at all with long string, it just feels wrong.

I used to play with extremely short string, 3A length, I have no idea how. Now I somehow started using really long string but shorter than my 1A string, probably like stock length.


Bringing it back with some new tricks!




I like this post. I will do my part.

JonRobbbbbb, hey!