Mint Chocolate splash FHZ

One more that I have painted for another. Have’n too much fun w/ this ;D

Wow, I’m impressed! I really like the color and silicone job! Good job! Keep making them! Like seeing them. :wink:

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Wow Mike, this looks excellent! When I got the money I will defiantly pick one up from you!

that looks really cool!!

MMM… Minty
Looks awsome.

honestly when I see those colors I think of something else … :confused:

putting that aside this looks really good!

Thanks everyone ;D
I think the colors I picked up for my next one, might blow the last two I did away, but we will see.

it looks like mint chocolate… because of the green… it also looks awsome. I’d better not get one though… i might eat it…

lol :smiley:

i wasn’t kidding…

i know

no you didn’t

~row on

how do you know i knew someone would say that
silverman has powers

no you didn’t

yes i did
prove it

…nuff said…

This might sound stupid but when I read Mint on the title I actually thought it was refering to mint condition.

Anyways, nice job looks excellent.

so did i…


Nope nope, I ment the color, but the throw is “mint” (never thrown) too.