Nice, rare stuff FS/FT! YYF, SPYY, ILYY, FHC, etc.

Mint Nickel plated P2 (1 of 10)
Mint Spacebat Edition Fade M1
Mint Yuji Superstar
Mint Jensen Superstar
Mint Sorry Mark Superstar
Mint Arctic Bronze Galactic Goose-gone to ilik2bike07!
Mint LE e1ns 09
Near Mint Prepro Punchline UNENGRAVED 1 of 6
Near Mint Team Edition Superstar
Mint LE Enyo FHC w/large bearing
Mint LE Sparkle Teal FHC w/large bearing
Near Mint Blue Protostar
Mint Red Protostar
Mint Yellow Protostar
Mint Pair of Black Loop 900s

Offer up!

You need to add pics.

True he has to add pics, but he is a really trusted guy on The Nation. :wink:

Not for omg this guys is gonna scam me reasons, for I wanna see colors, conditions, (people tend to stretch the word mint) and anything else he might have left out. Also I don’t know what all those yoyos are and I would like to see there shapes to see if I wanna try them.

I don’t have a camera right now, but there’s some older photos of some of the yoyos in my flickr.

pm sent