very near mint satined and polished g5 FT/FS^and MIGHTY FLEA^near mint bvm^other

not asking for some thing worth more then 60 or a hundred dollar not mint]]

also i have a mint 2010 might flea for 55 dollars or one of the new yyj’s out there such as sfx phenomizm or eqinox or fundimentals yyf

next i have a near mint black yfactor from blc which i won just isnt me might be u
pics soon

next a very nexr mint ogopogo bvm i loove this thing but it doesnt go with my style
pics soon

Satined and polished is not near mint. Also didnt you learn from your first thread that the ********************** stuff is annoying? Mind learning from your mistakes please? It would make us think a lot more of you if you listened to any of our advice.

What yyj’s are you looking for?

would you like a yyf grind machine part blue and yellow and part green and black has a few dings but works like a charm for the mighty flea.

so do you want it or not