Minor yoyo strike on back of hand = Major Pain!

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Playing with a Ti just lazily throwing going though some default motions, lost in thought, mentally elsewhere, doing my usual “dialed in but usually only do it on auto pilot” sequences when in the middle of one move, the throw and the back of my hand met.

Now ive had hundreds of knuckle busters, finger whackers, nail stubbers, some of them at alarmingly high speed / heavy impact. And they would hurt! but not like this…

This was not one of those hits. This was a low speed, mild, I would almost want to call it a grazing blow, but, the tiny impact area, (the rim of the Tundra) nestled in between my index and middle fingers’ bone on the back of the hand. It straight knocked the wind out of me. It hurt so bad I had some trouble breathing normally for a minute. After a couple minutes the fierceness subsided and it felt ok, until I, for instance, put my hand down on the couch to help me stand up (god, I sound old) and WHAM! that pain was back and heavier than ever!
Now every now and then I move my hand just wrong and it hits me like a sack of bricks, but fades quickly. I have it wrapped to remind me not to use it, Holy Crap!

Im no stranger to injury. Im no stranger to pain. Ive endure more than my fair share of getting hurt, and most of the time, I deserved it. I earned it. I could clearly see the Folly = Pain ratio of most of my past injury, but this one baffles me.
The amount of pain vs the impact zone and speed is very much off balance. Maybe i smashed a vein? Squished a nerve? Its all in the soft area in bewteen the bones. There is little redness and no bruising today (this happened last night) so im just confused i guess.

Giving it a few days rest. Just wanted to share.


Maybe even fractured something. Once I fractured my ring finger catching a football.

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Ive broken a few fingers (some of them a couple times each), broke a rib in two places, shattered a toe joint that fused into a hammer toe (surgery removal, woke up under the knife!!). Its not like the constant lingering pain of bone, but the more sensitive soft tissues between them. I can press on the bones around the imapct zone with zero discomfort but if anything touches that spot its very aware. Swinging some begleri last night hours after it happened, and had one itty bitt hit on that exact spot (less than 1cm by 1cm square area of NOPE, and BAM, shooting pain i was done for the night.

Trying not to use it today much. Bummer that I didnt earn this one. haha


That pain sounds like “nerve” to me. Breathtaking is mostly a nerve!

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This makes me laugh, :smiley: breathtaking is right! haha And yea, I would agree with that it was a nerve that got nailed.

SPent the last 30 mins or so fiddling with the Ape Grapes. So far so good, no problems but was wrapping a box for my wife and stretched my hand just so and it let me know its still there, but just gotta be easy with it. :smiley:
Thankfully my hands are not needed too much at my work. No heavy lifting at least.


Oh my gosh!!! What did you do?!?

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oh no, this was over the course of my life, not all at once, but re-reading what I wrote did make it sound as such.

Caused by sillyness including but not limited to:
Motor Cycle Crash
Falling 80 ft down a missle silo
Punching an ice cream machine that was behind a box I was breaking down
Incorporating a backflip into a foot bag routine when I used to compete freestlye footbag
Rollerblading down the road of a steep mountain (stupid hairpin at speed…)
Frozen brisket sliding out of freezer while sneaking ice cream late one night
loss of orentation at a spook house and falling into the safety railing

you know, the usual.


IMHO, ending your post with “the usual” puts it into contention for possibly the funniest post of 2016. I was happy not to be drinking when I read this, otherwise there would have been liquid all over my keyboard and monitor. Thank you for giving my morning a good laugh. That said, I hope the hand feels better, I’ve also had crazy pain from what you would think was a minor event. I guess it all comes down to the trigger points of acupressure and managing to hit one the wrong way.


I Remember that feeling of choking when my brand new maverick contacted my elbow… Not fun. Remember getting stiches at the ER, also inflicted with a new yoyo, countless times I clocked my tender hand and clutched it in agony. The prices you pay to play with a toy can be great☹

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The frozen brisket tho :joy::joy::joy: sorry but that grouped in with all the others is just kinda funny haha.
I have hit myself like that before too, you just hit a nerve juuuust right, or wrong depending how you look at it, and it will hurt for a good long while