Mini yoyo?

Hey guys, i was thinking about a mini yoyo…
One that i can carry with me like everywhere, one that i can just put in my pocket and forget its there.
I have a Yuuksta which is small but not small enough to carry everywhere… :confused:
I also have a PGM which i think is HUGE!
Any ideas…?

slim line yoyo, like the raider, or grim sleeper. :wink: or something like a mighty flea. throwdown shuruken.

i’m not too sure about slim yoyos… they feel weird… :-\

POPstar. Try it out. It’s a very good small sized yoyo that plays very well. Small. Fun.

The Popstar?
just had a look at it; and it looks pretty cool… :smiley:

one drop dingo, camp fire, popstar,

Do you want a mini yoyo like the MightFlea? or just a pocket yoyo? I would recommend YYF POPStar for a pocket yoyo, but CLYW Capfire is even better, if you don’t mind the price.