Mini School assignment

So I got this thing to do for school this morning that cam out of a book study guide. Screwtape letters is the name of the book any way’s I just thgought it was kinda funny because I think everyone on this forum would put 1 of the same things down for 1 of the answers. Here is the question.

Optional Activities:

  1. Screwtape warns tells Wormwood he should never have allowed his patient to
    experience two concrete things he really enjoyed, because true pleasure comes
    from God. Make a list of things you really enjoy, the simple pleasures that
    make you happy. Make a point now and then, fairly often, to experience one of
    those simple pleasures. You may wish to make a poster of your list of real pleasures,
    using original artwork, words, a collage of pictures, or a combination. Put
    the poster on your wall to remind yourself of the things you truly like.

So the number one answer would be yoyoing (For me anyways) But I think most of you would say that as well. What else would you guys put down. Now I’m not looking for help I know what else I’ll put down but I’m just wondering what else do you guys like to do. What would you put on that list.

JHB you can move this to unrelated if you want I just put it here because its kinda yoyo related.


Easy Yoyo
Competitive shoot (as air rifle and .22 rifle)
Playing games on the computer
editing videos/filmaking
Playing/ practicing the clarinet
Wire jewelry making
Playing with the dog
And anything else that comes to mind I will post later.

Here I’ll post my own list to my own thread :smiley:

PC Gaming
Reading these forums
Video Making (Filming + Editing)
Snacking (Part of Eating)
Looking at yoyo’s
buying yoyo’s
Thinking about yoyo’s
Hanging out with people that yoyo

Oh boy, that book was tough, very deep… I remember it being hard to read sometimes…

^ it is, but Lewis is such an awesome writer!

My list would be
Yo-yoing and forum reading
::slight_smile: um…
Car rides
Collecting things

Ahhh C.S…

Mine would be yoyoing, unicycling, blues guitar, and blues harmonica.