Yoyos and kendama are spreading throughout my school....

Not sure which topic I should put it in but I think this one might be appropriate so what the heck. Anyways aside from that over the week of dreaded midterms luckily on midterms weeks they are half days so we can relax when we get home and study. But aside from that jazz my skill toys or hobbies are spreading throughout the my school. So today I brought in my kendama and a Yoyo because there’s a break in between midterm tests and I need something to do. So I basically bust out my kendama cause I wanted to do something different instead of yoyoing because I can only learn so much with no Internet connection on my IPod and no access to a computer when there all being used for Minecraft. Then by surprise people actually asked what kendama was while others from our Japanese cultural club(JCC) where like “pppttt I know what that is lemme at it!” So basically while that was going on I pull out my Yoyo and do that while the person using my kendama was asking where she could buy one. And I said no where else other YYE because they have a fairly good selection of kendama’s to choose from. So now at my school yoyos and kendama is spreading through my school and also I have two “minions” that follow me around because of my awesome Yoyo skillz while all they talk about is earthbound. Apparently it’s some RPG video game I have never heard of that apparently has a Yoyo as a option for a weapon. Oh and some kids at my school yesterday were walking around with a dollar tree looping Yoyo. I guess now I have to consider a making some kind of skill toy club at my school I guess.

Good for you! Now your popular.

no not really the kids in my classes in school tend to not like me as much because of my “do it yourself attitude and stop relying on other kids to do their part” when it comes to little things like taking notes in classes or brining in a textbook. When really what I say is the truth because I can be very honest and brute about the truth or what I think and what I stand be in which they don’t want to hear even though it’s true.
But aside from that all I am really known at my high school is “that Yoyo kid”

Your school sounds cool, and if some kids are catching on, that should work for you socially. It’s good for making friends. I never had a JCC at my school back in the day, and people seem open minded at your school, so that’s a good thing.

I wouldn’t mind being “that yoyo kid,” sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

Earthbound is the best game ever

I did a quick search and found an 8-bit RPG from 1994, which has recently been ported to Wii U (but still retains 8-bit look and feel; not a remake but a true port). Is that the one?

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It is 16-bit. Came out on the SNES. :slight_smile:

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Earthbound was an okay game, I never finished it. I guess the wiiu is sparking its popularity again.

Do you think these kids would appreciate you calling them minions? Haha

Op sounds a little arrogant

I stand corrected!

I brought my yoyo on an away Basketball game,yoyoing on a bus is really hard.

yeah the 2 kids call themselves “minions” and the guys came to me when they called them selves that when I was doing my Yoyo and they said to me “we’re your minions what do you want us to do?”

you should play earthbound
get an emulator and do it nao

I don’t know I’m not a big on the RPG games.

Lucky! There are only 2 people who yoyo at my school…

Every boy in my class has a yo-yo now and three have kendamas!

Hey that’s pretty neat keep it up. More and more people are learning about all yoyos and kendamas and I think that is awesome.

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Thats Pretty Cool That yoyo and Kendam are spreading through your schools. oscer and abby

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Nobody in Iowa yoyos.

Can you maybe slow down when you type? I have no idea what this says haha.

sure some times when I think of a response i leave out a few words or word it oddly. :stuck_out_tongue: