Mini Mo-tu

(Alceste) #1

Ok, I just got ym first yoyo with metal in it, the mini mo-tu. I have two questions.
1: does the metal go back far enough to allow for thumb grinds?
2: if 1 is yes, how to I get out caps (I have tried duct tape and will not gouge a hole in it).



If yo have suction cups, you put them on the caps and plop there off ;D


(Alceste) #3

Thanks! Any idea what would have a suction cup in it? I don’t have an obvious suction cup lying around (seeing as it is a generally useless object).


you can look at lowes or home depot. Oh and the thumb grinding lip can do thumb grinds or grinds. Have fun with it!


(Alceste) #5

Ok, got caps out with tape! Please let this thread die!