thumb grind with dark magic!!!!!! help!!!!!


ok so i can thumb grind with my metal zero, but on my dm i cant get my thumb in the groove without having my thumb hit the design and killing the yoyos speed!! help please!


Thoso might be caps, they are the only desing on a Dark Magic. Take them off with a suction cup.

(Shisaki) #3

You can also biuld your thumb grind skills by trying to do it with the caps on too :P.

(JM) #4

All you have to do is remove the caps (use suction cups). You can do it like Andre and take one off and leave the other on, but its your choice. After you get a feel for it you can put the caps back in and try it that way, but that is pretty difficult.


ok ok… one problem… I dont have a suction cup! lol


You can also use Duck Tape.


ok! now that i have! thanks!


How did it work? ???


Take suction cups. Lick if you have to, press firmly, pull hard! POP! You have removed the caps (pogs). I can Thumb Grind with caps on easily. Just put your thumb on the pims as far as you can go, pull the string the way you are, and move your thumb to almost the center of the cap. Almost like stacking.


He said:


I know, I saw it. Its really not that hard just to go out and buy one…


or you can practice wit the cap on and get good and then take the caps off and you will be able to grind very smoothly

(Shisaki) #13

Yea, I said that already, look up.

(Mikey) #14

you must have a suction cup, look in the bathroom. :stuck_out_tongue:

(JDrocks!) #15

thats good butt when u do that the yoyo tilts alots faster due to the uneven wieght distrubution :wink:


Yeah. It depends on how many grams the caps are. Foil-stamped, printer paper, paper, the weight can offset it a lot. Especially on Dark Magics.


Can u put caps back on after u take them off?

(Shisaki) #18

you should be able to but i dont think it will stay on as good as it did stock.


Yeah i took both of the caps off… but the suction cup didn’t work so i used an ice pic to get under the groove and pry it out! the yoyo is unharmed! lol thanks!

(Mitch) #20

Eh I prefer play with caps on for somereason

(My poor mirrored caps on my Legacy and New Breed :()

But I agree with every one else, learn to do it with them on… I find it looks so much nicer with the caps on and if you do the half on and half off you have to wait for the uncapped side (Every other throw) to do a thumb grind…

Thats my thoughts on the matter…