Hello people on the computer, i was wondering, can you take the caps off the severe?

Yes, you can but it will most likely affect the play of the yoyo. To take them off takes some effort with a hangar which I personally think is not worth it. You can also use the YYJ cap method but it has to be a VERY strong suction cup.

will i be able to do thumb grinds easily with the caps on? im deciding between this and the BOSS.

No. You can’t do them easy with them on. (Think thumb grinding a speeder with caps on but with a little more room.) However, if i’m not mistaken, you have a Dark Magic? Just use that to thumb grind. Buying a whole new yoyo to thumb grind is pointless.

dark magic was made for those

Yes. I know that. And I’m sure he has or had one.

hahaha! i do have one! im just a grinder, lookin to get a new yoyo, my G5 is hella dinged.

Oh. You may want to also look at some different companies?

You can still thumb grind with the caps on. It is just a little harder.