i need help with the horizontal thumb grind!

i watched andre do this grind alot but i dont understand how he does this do i need the cap in to do this ???

No. Take the caps out.

Throw a UFO, bring the Yo-Yo up, and stick your thumb in it.

My dark magic is pretty new and so am I to yoyoing, i have learnt a lot for say 2-3 mounths but I want to learn grinds but am stuck between taking them out or not, do you think i should take 1 out

I think it’s a bit like a matador trick. Do you have a hubstacked yoyo? If you do practice it on that to get the hang of it. :slight_smile:

It is not a matador trick. You throw a UFO bring it up and staick your thumb in the side but not on the hub thing.

Just do a ufo, stick your thumb in there. Bring your throwhand nearer and nearer to it, letting it snag and catch. You need a semi responsive yoyo to do the wind up, Andre’s DM seems a little responsive.