anyone have a server? General Minecraft discussion.
house and mob tower - http://i612.photobucket.com/albums/tt206/anthonyg666/house.jpg

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It’s just wordeful story. One Swedish guy makes a relatively small Java program, and becomes a multi-millionaire.

The Swedes are proving to be good at making games. They already have DICE, now all these great indiedevs such as Stunlock, Arrowhead and Mojang.

Minecraft is awesome, and if someone on YYE with sufficient bandwidth would be willing to host a erver, it would be great.


I personally don’t like it. Mainly because I could make a game like that in about three days…


cough nerd cough cough… just kidding! :wink:


pfft yeah right gl

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You are probably able to make Tetris in one day. Doesn’t mean that Tetris isn’t fun.

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity



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Huge necro, because we need your screenshots in this thread (press F1 then F2 ingame to take screens, F1 hides the UI, F2 takes the pic. Hold shift while pressing F2 for huge screens).

This is one of the simplest, easiest structures I have ever built, yet it is still the one I’m most proud of. Built it a few days ago, only took about 2 hours (the biggest issue I has was getting all the bone for the trees). I didn’t plan to have the tower there, but there was a problem with mobs spawning on top of the tall trees and falling down onto my roof, and then they found their way into the hole in my roof (I wanted easy access to the roof for watching purposes).

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Necro, but I guess it’s better than making a new thread. I just bought the game and was wondering if anyone has any servers here.

#10 it’s up most of the time, but i’m in alaska so it may be down earlier at night

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It is like people saying they could make modern art. Sure you could. But did you?

(Raphael) #12

1st grade finger painting

Btw, just wondering what is there to do in minecraft? I dont plan to play just because it is supposed to be SO addictive so I was wondering what all the fuss was about


you mine. and craft. and kill stuff. and eat. and make stuff. did i mention you MAKE stuff?


I apologize for the delayed response, but considering you probably know nothing about making games, I have to ask you to… well… SHUT UP.


Too lazy to make a hipster cat so read this like one.
spends 5 minutes making 3d models
i know everything about making games.
yes, i do.


d42k n355 :smiley:


No one knows everything about making games, and no one can make a good 3d model in five minutes. So no, you don’t. We can tell just from your last post that you have no idea what you’re talking about.


poor poor jt how can you tell from that last post i dont know anything… sigh…


Here’s how:

  1. No one knows everything about making games

  2. You can’t make a good 3d model in five minutes

  3. There’s a lot more to making a game than modeling. Modeling is probably less than half the work.

Have you ever actually made and published a game?


that was supped to be about you -.-