Mike, Jesse, and Andrew

I just wanted to make a shout out to these guys for quitting the VS team. I met Jesse and Mike at Ohio states and they were class act guys. I hope that none of Heath’s stank clouds people judgment of them.

They are great guys and Any team will be lucky to have them.


I feel like I might regret this but what happened?

I’ve met each one of these guys at worlds and they are all stand up guys. I can’t wait to see what team they get picked up by!

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Look pretty much anywhere in the manufacturers subforum and it will be plenty clear. Hint: They were on team VSNYYC, which is no more.

I figured it out. All I can say is just wow…

Just talked to Jesse for awhile and we were both really surprised to see this post. The support is very much appreciated and neither of us are going to let this interfere in our love for yoyoing. You will still see us around for quite awhile. Thanks to everyone who’s ever supported us and we hope you enjoy what we do in our further yoyoing endeavors.

-Mike G


I want Andrew to be picked up by CLYW. :wink:

He was so cool to watch at MA states.

It’s sad that the team and company collapsed.

You guys deserve it.

Glad you guys will still throw. Can’t let someone else ruin the joy you have for the hobby.


I’m excited to see what teams each of you end up on! I know each team is going to be getting a very Valuable member!

Crossing my fingers for Andrew to get on Caribou.

Andrew is going to a very good company I can promise that… Things happen and we have to just get over them and move forward… It’s also really nice to see the outpouring of support for the former team. You guys can expect my first video as an unsponsored player within the next two weeks for anyone who is interested. Once again we really appreciate the support and I hope that anyone who I’ve had the opportunity to meet will be able to see Jesse Andrew and I rather soon.

-Mike G

From what it looks like, Chris is talking to him about it. He said it on his Facebook last night. So ■■■■■■■■ as Andrew accepts it should be coming true :slight_smile:

From what Andrew has told me he has been offered by up to 5 companies already… Andrew is like a little brother to me so where ever he chooses ill be happy for him. He has to take some time to think about his options but I’m pretty sure he will go with the lodge

Glad to hear good news for Andrew. Hope Mike and Jesse get picked up by someone soon as well. Maybe the Lodge as well? fingers crossed


I kinda want Andrew on OneDrop

Why don’t we like Heath?

This whole incident just kind of makes me step back and say “really? I can’t imagining that being worth it.” Needless to say I will keep him in my prayers, while I hope he realizes what he did was wrong.

ive hangout with andrew a few times. class act kid. really been a pleasure gettin to know him. I told him he was gonna get picked up like immediately and he did hahaha, I couldnt be happier for him. I hope the rest of the team will get offers and be picked up by some company soon, im sure you guys will.