Mighty flea going back into production!


The Mighty flea going back into production! And i cant wait this is still a rumor but I’m hoping its true , will you get one , what are your thoughts on this?


If it’s exactly the same as the last run I’m going to be a little upset, the main reason I got it was because it was one of the last ones in stock and I wanted a collectible yoyo that you can’t get except for bst. Atleast other people can enjoy the awesomeness that this little beast has.


Don’t worry, the new one will be better making the one you own obsolete and worthless.

Invest in real estate, not yoyos.


I hope they do the same with the G5. The flea is something I am interested in, I’m just afraid I’ll lose it!


Oh that’s not a big deal, get it? It’s a pun! My jokes are bad.


What was wrong with the last Mighty Flea?


It was too small.


I didn’t like the Mighty Flea.

The gimmick was neat, but 50 bucks for a yoyo that’s barely usable is just stupid.

The Popstar is cheaper! :o

I’m not paying 50 bucks for a tiny lump of metal. If they cut the price in half, that’d be great.



This was the reason I never bought one. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $50 for a little yo-yo the size of a quarter.


There’s pictures of the new one on instagram


Well, then I’m gonna be way up in the line to have the latest Mighty Flea to go with my existing Mighty Flea.

I’m glad these are going back into production. More people need to be able to get their hands on this little spinning wonder.

Addressing the issues of it being hard to play:
Yup. Sure is. Step up your game, it will respond quite nicely. However, for me, this is just a frustrating little yoyo, showing me how far I still need to go. An excellent bit of motivation that can fit in your pocket!


The flea was super fun, but you had to spend some time with it to learn how it worked. After that you have a super fun tiny yoyo.


Didn’t exactly put a smile on my face, but thanks for telling me that my yoyo is going to be considered crap. :-[


Aoda Littles is what $17, comes with a concave A-sized bearing and can use regular string, not sure what the hype behind the Might Flea is. It’s slightly smaller i guess, but that seems to come with a lot of trade-offs. Hopefully the new one can at least use standard string. I use Kitty Slim with my Littles and it’s great for a gimmick, to practice accuracy, or just to toss in the pocket. Really happy with what YYF have been doing lately though, so i bet it’s great.


No mini yoyo will ever beat the the yoyomonster 3Points.


Yes, an even more expensive yoyo!

I’d love for things to be free… But they aren’t.

My fav part of this thread:


Turning Point Tarasqus or Minimumbet? 3Points is so ugly lol, not sure i could ever enjoy it.


I really liked that yoyo.


can you post a link please?